360° Virtual Tours

In an increasing visual and fast paced world, clients are now realising that the ability for their customers to ‘step inside’ their venues, from their home or office, is essential to the success of their business – especially in the world of hospitality. As a professional photographer, I will take beautiful images of areas you wish to turn into a tour, taken with a special lens and using my professional high-resolution digital SLR (the same high quality camera I use to shoot stills photography with). Afterwards, I take the images and do any necessary post-production work (reflections, balancing of light, removal of anything that shouldn’t be there….such as me in the mirror!) as I would any professional photo and then turn these into a 360° tour for you to upload online.

See this sample here: 

I.T.A Venues – 28 Portland Place

All clients who hire me to shoot their 360° virtual tour get the following:

  • A phone consultation to discuss your requirements and make a plan for the shoot.
  • A tips sheet, sent to you after booking to help you prepare your space/s.
  • Your company logo, made into a special ‘patch’ to be placed on the floor of your tour (a clever way to cover the tripod feet).
  • A choice of hot-spot areas for your customers to ‘walk through’ your venue, which we will discuss on the day of the shoot.
  • A set of FTP files for you to upload to your website. 
  • A file for you to use off-line (upload this onto you laptop, tablet etc so you can show clients when you’re out and about).
  • A special price when booking a still photo-shoot at the same time as booking a 360° virtual tour.

Please get in touch with your enquiry via email, or simply phone for a chat on 020 7263 2239.

More Samples: 

LSA Pop-Up – Waterloo Arches

Foxhills Surrey Christmas Set-Up in The Clubhouse

Foxhills Surrey Set-Up for Weddings in The Clubhouse