A Royal Tea…..

…….I was delighted to be asked by The Rubens Hotel in Victoria, to take some photos during their Royal Afternoon Tea – which just happened to be on April Fool’s Day….and was greeted by my client ‘Lady Lydia’. 

As a little surprise to guests, The Rubens welcomed Her Maj into the tea rooms……

….where before circulating around the room, she had to have some of the treats herself and a nice cuppa. Obviously.

After a little refreshment, Her Maj circulated the newly refurbished tea room, meeting and greeting her fans.

And because she’s a thoroughly modern Maj, she even joined in with a visiting hen party and participated in a little selfie pouting

She also allowed a brief adornment of football attire – although I hear it’s not her team, so she must have been a bit miffed, but, ever the professional, kept this to herself.

After the excitement of the all visitors, it was time to settle Her Maj onto her throne, 

 and get down to a little story telling……

Who knew Her Maj was such a natural at this?


So after a long day, Her Maj needed a rest, naturally. But first, a quick opportunity to show her The Queen Suite; 

Hmm, not sure why she’s upset that she has to leave it all behind and go back to her home. Perhaps Buckingham Palace isn’t as delightful The Rubens?

If you want to experience a touch of Royalty yourself, head to The Rubens for their Royal Afternoon Tea, which you can book here: https://www.rubenshotel.com/food-and-drink/afternoon-tea

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