Brewing a Great Photo-shoot, with Danny Wallace

Portrait of Danny Wallace

Working alongside KV Comms, I was commissioned to shoot writer and presenter Danny Wallace at Truman’s Brewery in Hackney, as Nicholson’s Pubs were about to launch a new collaboration beer with him. Tom Ditto IPA (5% ABV) has been created to mark the release of Wallace’s new novel ‘Who is Tom Ditto?’ and Nicholson’s was the first to exclusively distribute the beer nationwide during its festival which took place in Spring. They wanted to document the tour of the brewery, film a piece-to-camera for internal use and create a few promotional images which could be used for press releases, such as the one for The Good Beer Guide below:


Danny was such a good laugh during the shoot, that often I found myself giggling too much whilst trying to take the pictures! The great thing about shooting someone who is a personality in his own right and who is also benefitting from the images, is that they are game-on and willing to do as many shots as you need. For a photographer this makes life pretty easy and meant I was able to concentrate entirely on getting the best light, angles and original ideas for set-up scenes. When the time was right, he simply gave me lots of smiles and poses. A light-hearted shoot, some fun shots and I even got to see the whole process of beer being made, which was pretty interesting.

Carefully pouring out the grains:
Things begin steaming up a little:
A little close inspection:
Partaking in a little cleaning (or holding the broom anyway, no actual cleaning appeared to have been carried out Danny!):
Some silly poses:
Not quite ready to drink:
But luckily he found a pint that was:

Some great portraits Danny Wallace, Cheers!

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