California Prunes Showcase at The JustV Festival

For this shoot, I was asked to attend the Just V Show at Olympia London, to capture the day’s events for California Prunes

The company were sampling their prune juice all day and giving out packs of prunes and part of my brief was to capture this happening, to show customer engagement and basically snap the action. 

In the afternoon the California Prunes Kitchen opened to packed audiences where respected chefs Peter Cook, Rosemary Shrager and Peter Sidwell, as well as Danielle Davey – apprentice to Rosemary Shrager – demonstrated different recipes with prunes as the main ingredients. 

Of course it goes without saying that I got to sample some of the dishes, such as this cake below and I was seriously impressed. 

I also tweeted images throughout the day and the company will be using my photos for a variety of purposes, mainly PR and marketing around the event.

I am now seriously addicted to these magical prunes and I have a months supply, thanks to a little gift from the company, which arrived on my doorstep this week: 

To read more about these wonderful little shrunken bundles of plum joy, visit the California Prune website;

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