Charity Photoshoot for Unicef UK

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Day for Change is Unicef UK’s annual fundraising event for schools, where pupils hold fundraising activities like bake sales, ‘wear it blue’ days, sweepstakes etc to raise funds for the charity.


The schools who take part in these fundraising events often have a great time doing so and, whilst most of the children understand the reasons for raising these funds and some of causes and great work Unicef UK supports, ultimately the days themselves are lighthearted and positive.


My clients at Unicef UK have always understood the power that great imagery has to engage supporters and asked me if I could work with them to produce some new photos, which they could use on their websites and marketing materials to illustrate this year’s fundraising activities.

The team at Unicef UK, chose to work with a local school who were really on board with what we wanted to do and the teachers and staff were amazing, helping us to organise the children, informing the parents and generally being fantastic support throughout the planning and shoot day itself.

As for the children, they were absolutely wonderful and I was in my element working with them. I always love working with young people as they are often so enthusiastic and don’t have the same inhibitions that many adults do in front of the lens – plus we get to play a lot of games and have fun; I’m a big kid at heart.


We spent the day setting up and shooting a variety of fundraising activities that schoolchildren might do if their school were to participate in Day for Change; face-painting, decoration making, baking and holding picnics, to name just a few.

And of course the children are pretty savvy and know that if they manage to raise some money for Unicef UK they’ve done a really good job. You can see their excitement in the shot below – well of course we set this up for pictures, which to me, simply demonstrates that these children are super fantastic actors!

And at the end of a day of shooting and a great positive time had by everyone involved, I was really chuffed to be presented with these adorable camera biscuits, made by the hands of the two lovely girls in the picture. Ah, thanks!

If you want to get your children’s school involved in Day for Change or find out more about the work of Unicef UK, please visit their website here:


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