Clean Cut – Shooting for Casna Group

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Recently I returned to Casna Group to help them finish building a library of photos for their new website, brochure and promotional material.

We completed the fun apple shoots, but no apple crumble this time.

Commercial Photography Shoot For Hospitality Company

Then we headed across to The Corinthia Hotel, for my first ever all night shoot – starting at 11pm and ending at 6am. Rock n’ Roll! We had to shoot through the night so as not to disturb the hotel guests – it was the only time the spa, restaurant and lobby would be empty.

It’s surprising really just how glamorous cleaning can look, when shot with a backdrop as stunning at The Corinthia.

Commercial Photography Shoot For Hospitality Company (3)

The staff of course do an amazing job, making sure the environment for guests is impeccable and what’s amazing is how lovely and fun they all were, (the big box of choccies helped of course) despite the hard work.

Commercial Photography Shoot For Hospitality Company (2)

The Landmark London was the second hotel of our night shoots and full of hidden gems, like this amazing pool in the basement. I loved the reflection the lights made in the water, helping make a great composition like this shot below.

Commercial Photography Shoot For Hospitality Company (4)

I learned a few great tips about cleaning & tidying too and I’ve clearly been mopping my floor the wrong way all these years!

Overall a very tiring but very successful shoot that will help sell Casna’s services to more hotels and companies no doubt.

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