Point of Sale Photoshoot for Worldpay

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Worldpay needed some fresh images to illustrate their website and demonstrate their point of sale payment systems.

Similar to our last shoot, they required images for use on their website and to continue to build their image library for the British market.

The images we planned this time were to be taken in local small businesses, which represent some of the clients they currently work with and also attract the kind of businesses they’d targeting this in the future.

Working at three different locations, we started with a lovely, beautifully set up nail salon, London Grace, in West London, which also has a great coffee bar. This meant that the photos could be shot showing both the salon side of the business and a coffee shop.



Using the staff as ‘models’, who were so natural and professional, I was able to take a range of photos showing the salon and the coffee shop with ‘customers’ using the card payment system. 

Our second photoshoot was at a really lovely, contemporary fish and chip shop, Lure Fish Kitchen, in Dartmouth Park, which I was particularly drawn to because of it’s bright, funky interior.

Placing red props around the restaurant, we were able to bring in the key red colour of Worldpay, without it dominating the scene but keeping a consistent red in across all the photos. 


For this shoot, we used the owner of the Lure Fish Kitchen, Philip to ‘play’ himself and also brought in models to be ‘customers’ during the shoot. I was too busy shooting to sample the food, but I was told, it was delicious and I’m planning to go back there very soon.

We set up a series of typical dining scenarios, where payment would be taken on a Worldpay point of sale mobile machine.

And this is one of the shots that is currently sitting on the Worldpay website:

Our last shoot was at a lovely local home decor and gift shop in Tufnell Park, which was a particularly great find as it’s so stylish and beautifully set out. It also has a great outdoor space, which gave us some extra shooting options.

Again for this shoot I used a mixture of actual staff and models to play the roles of customers and sales assistant.

Cutting from Worldpay Website: 

I also took a lovely portrait of the owner and founder, Andrea, who I persuaded to pose for this shot (on the right, left shot not mine) below:

And spotted on a trade show stand recently (thanks to my client for sending me the snap): 

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