Sustainable Venues are our Friend

Last week, it was the 10th birthday party of Friends House Hospitality – the team who I worked with last summer to help them get some great new photos to showcase their venue and facilities. They were celebrating 10 years of running a successful ethical, fair and sustainable business and hosted the event at their Euston venue, The Light, which is an amazing achievement.

Guests were given delicious mocktails and a selection of savoury and sweet treats, served by the onsite hospitality team;

Everyone mingled, chatted and were entertained with a choir, magician Pete Heat and a great talk by Andy Pag an eco-explorer.

The deputy mayor of Camden, Richard Cotton, joined clients, press, partners and suppliers as the Quaker-owned organisation celebrated, “Putting faith back into business”. 

And during the evening, Friends House Hospitality received a Gold Certification from Carbon Smart, which is a great achievement.

My role for the evening was to capture the essence of the event, the food and service and key speakers. It was great to shoot the auditorium with my very own photos (taken last summer on our marketing shoot) appearing on the screen in the background! 

And a big thank you to the Friends House Hospitality team for sending me off with this lovely goodie bag and helping promote my services to their guests as well – always appreciated.

For more information on Friends House, please visit their website:

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