Every year, like many large companies, Worldpay UK hosts their annual conference and asked me to shoot this year’s for them – having been introduced to the company recently. The thing with large conferences is that they are an absolutely perfect opportunity for a company to gather a library of photos, as well as shoot the conference itself of course, which can be used across their website, future tender documents and general marketing throughout the year.

Hiring a good photographer to shoot your day is imperative. Of course anyone good with a camera can point and shoot and get snaps; but if you hire someone who has the right experience, you’ll be sure to get the best value for your money and photos with an edge. When shooting an event for a client, I know how important it is to include branding, show engagement and shoot people talking in a flattering way (a real skill you know). I also know when not to shoot, be discreet and not to be in the way too much. Luckily, my regular yoga classes, and my small stature mean I can duck n dive – I once got called a photography ninja – and not get in people’s way.

Of course, from the onset, I’ll help you out with planning the photography, if you need me to, and you can trust me to get on the with the job like a true pro. When people think of conference photography, they might think of a dull, grey set of photos – not on my shoots. I’ll always look for a beautiful way to shoot something, capture the very best of the day and use the light effectively. Feed me a good lunch and let me free on the biscuit tray and I’ll do this consistently all day long!