Holroyd Howe, a food services provider within independent schools were looking for some updated staff headshots for their new website. Their whole brand is based on freshness, natural ingredients and creativity so it was important that the images, whilst professional, reflected this. So an outdoor shoot, with natural greenery in the background was an obvious solution.

Time was limited as staff were on site on one particular day for a meeting and it would be the only chance to grab a large number of them but the major challenge was that my client was unable to offer me a rainy day back-up plan – and it was raining.

But that’s what trees are for. The staff luckily were in good spirits and happily made their way from the dry safety of their meeting room across to the edge of the field where the trees were able to keep my equipment and their hair and clothing dry. Talk about glamour! A simple adjustment of exposure, sensitivity levels and the right angles, meant that you’d have no idea that it was not just a lovely dry sunny day.

Holroyd Howe have happily updated their new site with the pictures and put the head shots in cute ‘frames’, as you can see from the screen shot below:


We also got a shot of the chefs, whilst we had them in one place: