So I’ve now just completed my fourth cleaning company photo-shoot and, alongside other shoots I’ve done for hotels and my feature “behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace” that involved capturing staff at work cleaning, I think I’ve developed a little niche in cleaning photography. Strange where this career takes you………..!

This time the shoot was for Holroyd Howe, a company that actually specialises in contract catering within independent schools and is also offering a cleaning services to the schools. They needed a brochure to help spread the word and some shots to help pull it together. As you can see from the photos, this is no ordinary school, this was actually once a prestigious, girls’ boarding school, which Lady Diana Spencer, spent what she described as the ‘happiest days’ in her life.

As the school we shot at was so beautiful, the environment does look rather glamorous – but that’s no bad thing as lots of the schools on Holroyd Howe’s client list are historical buildings. So this allowed us to show just how well trained the cleaners would be at working with delicate and, sometimes valuable, antique furniture. At the same time, we also needed to show the less tradition parts of the building as well – the loos, corridors and dining area, which would require different tools – and keep it real.

Altogether a successful day of shooting and one which inspired me to do a bit of a spritz of my own flat the next day! You can see here how a few of the images have been used in the brochure: