I’ve been getting to know a group of amazing women who are all involved in blogging and/or Instagraming in the fashion and beauty industry. Some of them do this as a full time profession but most juggle their online activity with careers, parenting and other personal commitments. I am seriously impressed by their dedication to their blogs and Instagram feeds and their creativity.

Last night we all had a Xmas get together in the fabulous Ski Lodge at The Montague Hotel, part of the Red Carnation Hotel Group and there were around 30 ladies in attendance. As you can see from the photos, this is a seriously glamorous group of women. However, despite their glamour and good looks, they are all super lovely, supportive and champions of each other. To me this is the most important factor of all and the reason why I shall continue to hang out with these fabulous women. #girlpower.

A big thank you as well to the amazing staff at The Montague Hotel, who, as always, were lovely and friendly and very accommodating of a rather noisy gathering. If you want to check out and possibly hire the Montague Ski Lodge yourself, please check out the information on their website here: www.montaguehotel.com

Here are a few snaps I took, in between chatting to the group:

Ladies to follow on Instagram:

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Amanda- @gingermumstyle
Ambarina – @beautypassionista
Annabel – @beslfashionedit
Buffy – @Buffysees
Carole – @carolem_beauty
Carrie – @Thethistleedit
Charlotte – @Charlotte_Loves
Claire – @clairemcnestrystyling
Coral – @StripeyCoral
Emma – @suburbsstyle
Fatima – @the_ft_times
Fleur – @stylistfleur
Jacqueline – @theWardrobe.girl
Karen – @StyleNurse
Kelly – @Notcostley
Laura – @pleatedcotton
Libby – @Astylebird
Lucy – @lk_lipsticknlaces
Marie Louise – @MrsMLMode
Marsha – @stylesignaturewithmarsha
Nicola – @Silverstylepages
Patricia – @patsys_style_fix
Paula – @paulaoconnorstylist
Sally Anne – @Rutlandgirlfashionstyle
Sarah Boyce – @luxurybrandsshowcase
Sarah Burgess – @thelondondresser
Sophie – @sophiemines
Susannah (me) @susannahfields
Terri – @TheStyleCoop
Vanessa – @voguishandcalamity
Victoria – @victoriasfashiontips