One of my absolute favourite things to do, outside of taking photos, is visit an exhibition to learn something or simply appreciate the aesthetic of the art works. I love to see creations in all their forms – traditional or contemporary, abstract or classic, painted with a brush or built with stone. I find that doing this on a regular basis allows me to think, to feel and to get inspired. I can only admire the artists behind the works and be in awe of their talent and dedication to what they do. I love how art brings people together, helps build communities, gives one hope and lifts the spirit.

So I popped over to the City of London, with my trusty Olympus Pen in hand, to check out Sculpture in the City, which is an exhibition right out on the streets. The Square Mile is a great location for sculpture, with the footfall of those who set go there every day to work exceeding 300,000 people, who no doubt appreciate the works bringing new life to the area as well as an accessible area for many visitors.

Featuring 18 artworks by emerging and established artists, the exhibition in The City is in 8th year and each piece has been carefully placed to complement its theme, such as my favourite by Sean Scully, called Stack Blues, which sits in front of the Willis Building. When I looked up, I could see the reflections on the building, of the sky and clouds, seemed to mirror the sculpture itself. Did Scully plan that?

Not too far away, Jean Luc Moulene’s ‘Body’ seems to do a similar thing, with the sculpture and building mirroring each other’s colours.

Other favourites of mine, were the striking life-sized bronze Clydesdale horse ‘Perceval’ (2006), an homage to English culture, by Sarah Lucas – you have to see it up close to appreciate its magnificence; 

and the incredible Crocodylius Philodendrus by Nancy Rubins, which has so much detail, you can spend a good half an hour here, in front of The Gherkin (30 St. Mary’s Axe);

I was also impressed by just how striking Thomas J Price’s Numan series was, which comprises of large cast aluminium heads, created from the same material as many items we consume in the modern age – cole cans, MacBooks and so on….

You can see some more of the others I shot below, and also there are some pieces that are more interactive and you just need to be there to see them – so please do go visit.

For more information on Sculpture in The City – and to download a map, visit the official website here: