At this time of year, most of us are starting to dream of summer already. Christmas was a month ago, children are back to school, the world of work is churning again and we’re thinking of somewhere or something to look forward to. Even if it can’t be a holiday right now, perhaps a hiking weekend or a spa break…

Photo of spa shot at The Lansbury Heritage Hotel, which is in Poplar

Maybe, like me, you’re staying put right now, but trying to stick to some new years resolutions, like #veganuary and you’re now on the lookout for places near work to grab a healthy, meat-free, bite? 

Photo shot for Ch&Co, a contract catering company.

So where does everyone go to find these things? Of course we all know the answer; it’s the internet, where we find out pretty much all our information, especially places to visit and experience, in the current digital age. 

Photograph taken at Docklands Lodge Hotel, which is in Poplar, East London.

And, even if they got word of this new restaurant in town from a colleague, or via Instagram, rather than our favourite search engine (!) we inevitably still want to hop on the website to check out a few things, such as opening times and menus…..

Shot at The Leopard Bar, which is inside The Rubens Hotels, London, Victoria.

…and whilst there, perhaps a mouth watering photo of some delicious offerings might help seal the deal (sorry, those doing #veganuary) and persuade us to book.

Food Photographed at South African Themed Bbar, which is next to The Rubens Hotel, London, Victoria.

Thanks to Gary Hall, Group Event Director of PRYSM Group and The Hotel 360 Expo, for pointing out a study, which was conducted with global data collection agency Viga and polled 1,000 18- to 34-year-olds who had booked hotels in the last two years, which found that 80% of millennials find a hotel using Google! So you see how important it is to make sure your website shows your rooms and facilities in their best light.

Hotel Photography for The Lansbury Heritage Hotel, Poplar, East London.

You know when your surfing through, looking at a Travelzoo offer or simply seeing an ad pop up on Google, the place with the most enticing and clear photos stand out and act as click-bate, grabbing your attention. Let’s face it, if you see a stunning pool alongside a price within your budget (or maybe just over it; perhaps the great facilities will encourage you to stretch a little), you’re at least going to consider it as an option – certain over the hotel with dark, poorly lit room shots.

Swimming pool photographed at The Landmark London Hotel, for Casna Group. 

I know I’m bias, I make my living from providing the photos needed for organisations to sell their spaces, food, experience etc. But I also believe wholeheartedly in what the photos I provide do for businesses, as the psychology of great photos works on me too – in my role as a consumer ?

Great photos build trust, they act as a form of proof of what you offer. They allow people to find what their looking for from the comfort of their home or desk and they can often act as a temptation too. If you’re procrastinating, whilst doing your January tax return (of course, I don’t mean me……!) and you see this pop up on a Travelzoo offer, you may just make a resolution to put a little away for a summer treat and bookmark that hotel…..

Photography of outdoor guest picnic set up at the stunning Summer Lodge Hotel, Dorset, part of The Red Carnation Hotel Group. 

So, if people are looking at your online presence, you’d be best to make sure your websites in tip top shape, just like you would if you were a high street store, selling your wares. You wouldn’t want your stock messy in dark unattractive corners of your store and peeling paint on the walls, so why would you do that to your product online?

I guess this now begs the questions are you ready and open for more business and is your website letting everyone know about it? 

Photographed at Lure Fish Kitchen, Dartmouth Park, London, for Worldpay UK.

If you want to find out how you can get fabulous photos to enhance your business online, please email me or call me on 020 7263 2239 and we can discuss options. I can help right from the planning stage through to the delivery of great photos of course! I look forward to hearing from you…….and best of luck for 2019. 

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