This is a small sample from a full day of shooting at the fabulous Rubens Hotel, which is always a major hub of activity at all hours of the day. Squeezing in photos is always a challenge, yet it gets done, with great organisation from the marketing department, willing staff, understanding customers (actually they often enjoy watching a photo shoot take place) and a lot of juggling on my part!

The day itself consisted of head shot photography, a few team photos, about ten food photography and cocktail photography shots, and few other hotel photography shots. It always amazes me how time flies on these kind of shoots and 7 hours really does go fast. My favourite photo of the day is the portrait of the Executive Head Chef, Ben Kelliher, with those fabulous lights in the kitched, followed by the pink cocktail in the flamingo glass.

If you want to sample any of these delicious cocktails, stop by the Rubens Hotel, which is close to Victoria Station, where the lovely staff will make you feel very welcome.