Major refurbishment Photographs

One of the main reasons I was commissioned to shoot some photographs for this holiday park group, was because the parks have been undergoing major refurbishment and development. Obviously when a travel company has a brand new restaurant, has completed refurbishment, or added new exciting items to their menu, they need some professional photography to show it off. Without these photos, it’s very difficult for a company to share their news with their regular customers, or entice new ones to book.

Shooting interior photographs for the parks often involved quite a lot of pre-planning. You wouldn’t know it from the photos, but actually, if a restaurant is open every day, from breakfast, until last orders, how do you capture it? Oh yes, at the break of dawn. A photographer’s life is never 9-5pm.

It’s also important to capture food photos that are going to make a customer drool over their Instagram feed, such as these shots below, which are part of the new offering at the holiday park Cakery. Already, I’ve seen these shots have been posted by Haven Holidays on their Instagram feed and got some squeals of delight form their followers. Hashtag delicious!

Another great time to take shots of course, is when everyone else is headed to bed! Especially exterior photographs, where the sunset and night photographs can be particularly attractive…

If you want to organise a photography shoot at your venue and you’re not sure how to go about the planning side, did you know I help with planning as part of my photography service? I even send a completely tips sheets to everyone that books a hospitality photography shoot. Get in touch to find out more: