“We engaged Susannah to take some professional head-shots of the team. Our office has harsh fluorescent lighting but Susannah was able to get creative with her lighting setup and achieve the results I was looking for.

She also took some more creative shots of each of the team down by the river and was able to bring out each person’s character. I would recommend Susannah for your professional head-shot needs” – Chris Kearns, UK Regional Manager & Higher Education Practice Leader at Altis Consulting.

Head-Shot Photography for the Professional Business.

If you take your business seriously and engage regularly with others, online and at events, it’s a great idea to have a really professional head-shot photo so that your clients and peers can recognise who they are communicating with. Most companies now recognise the importance of this and Altis Consulting is one of them. Having recently expanded their growing UK base, this Australian founded company needed professional portraits of the London staff for their LinkedIn head-shot, their About Us page (this one is such a nice way to show the personality behind the business) and general business use.

We didn’t have a huge amount of space to work in, to capture the more formal head-shots, which required a plain background. So I brought in my small portable photography head-shot light kit to take these photos and photographed in the corridor, which had the least cluttered walls to shoot against!

Portraits in the local Environment.

As the UK office is based in London Bridge, Chris, the manager, asked if we could do some portrait photographs against the iconic Tower Bridge as well. Obviously, being a creative photographer, I jumped at the chance of doing these photos as they are, of course, more interesting and fun to capture.

Photographing in the London Bridge area, is not easy, with the challenges of natural light and people everywhere, but the guys were patient and accommodating and we walked around the river area until we found just the right spots to get the background in and the lighting balanced right. This also gave everyone a chance to step away from the business for an hour or so, relax and enjoy the process of ‘modelling’ for their portraits

Around London Bridge, there are also the lovely cobbled streets of Shad Thames, which make a wonderful backdrop for portraits with personality, with the warmth of the brick work giving us an extra special quality of light.  

Before we finished up the portrait photography session, we also grabbed a few photos with the contemporary backdrop just past City Hall, by More London Riverside.

You can see how taking the team outside of the office to do some environmental portraits, has given a greater dimension to their photographs? It’s important to have the really simple, clear, plain background head-shots taken, but it’s a great opportunity to get across more personality and to show your dedication to your business if you also have a little time to do some more natural business portraits as well. 

How to Use your Business Photos.

Business photos like these can be used for all sorts of purposes, such as when a conference you are attending requires your photo for a panel discussion (you know those huge screens blown up behind the speakers?) and any editorial or PR you partake in might require your portrait. It might be that you like to put staff photos on your tender documents or letter heads. Whatever the use, these professional business portraits are a great investment for any business.

How to Book a Similar Business Portrait and Head-Shot Session.

If you’re interested in finding out about doing something similar with your company, please get in touch directly and ask for my business portrait photography info guide.

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