Event & PR Photography on BB Bakery’s London Bus

I met the fabulous staff of BB Bakery at World Travel Market, held at Excel last month. I only popped onto the bus out of curiosity, but after chatting to the Head of Marketing & Operations, turned out they needed a photographer to capture a special Christmas tour that was happening the very next day, where a number of Influencers and bloggers had been invited to experience the joy of having afternoon tea on a big red bus,  as it wiggles it’s way through the sparkling London streets!

Photography of the on-board party! 

There was a great atmosphere on the bus from the word go, with all the guests enjoy the champagne and delicious sandwiches, cakes and scones. And I was on hand to photograph the people smiling, laughing and posing on my camera. Of course, being bloggers and Instagrammers, this bunch were pretty good at taking their own selfies but nothing beats a professional photographer taking some photos of the whole event.

Challenging Photo Conditions 

I have to confess though, it was pretty tricky holding a large camera and taking sharp photos on a moving bus! Capturing some of the group photos, I was grateful for my years of yoga practise, which gave me the balance I needed to stay put. Sometimes I got into the most ridiculous positions just to stay upright – luckily no one was pointing the camera at me. I hope! 

The bus driver however, did takes things pretty slow (you can’t move that fast in central London anyway) and avoided too many bumps and breaks. Most impressive however were the staff serving the food and drink. They were hospitality champions with their ability to wait on guests on a moving vehicle! 

Afternoon Tea Joy on a Bus

I really did enjoy the experience of photographing the afternoon tea bus tour, it really is a fun way to enjoy some delicious cakes. I didn’t eat too much myself, I’m saving myself for this weekend, when I will actually be a guest on the bus, but the cakes I did sample were truly delicious. The guests were so much fun too and of course, as a professional photographer, it’s always much easier to capture great photos when everyone is as friendly and willing to pose for my camera as these people were. I know that some of them have already shared their event photos, on their social media, which is great. You can see a few of the pictures taken during the afternoon below. 

If you want to book your own afternoon tea on the BB Bus, please visit their website here for further information: www.b-bakery.com