Photographing Venues in the Best Possible Light

It’s so important to make sure when you photograph an interior space, that the lighting is as natural as possible. In this sense I refer to the ‘mood’ that comes across in the photos, rather than natural light, in terms of daylight or sunshine.

Photographing Travel and Leisure Spaces

With Haven Holidays, one of their main selling points, and the reason why their holiday parks are so appealing to families, is their fantastic entertainment facilities. They pride themselves on excellent family friendly spaces and, with their recent refurbishments, have venues that are welcoming and attractive.

Capturing Beautiful, Bright and Colourful Interiors

My job, as a photographer, as you can see below, was simply to make sure that as I was photographing the spaces for Haven Holidays, to use on their website and future marketing materials, I made sure the lighting was spot on. Pardon the pun.