What type of photography services do you offer?

I shoot a wide mixture of photography, this is an overview of the services I offer:

Hotel and Venue photography. This can encompass a wide range of photos from shots of bedrooms and interiors, to people photos (perhaps a set up of a family enjoying the swimming pool or restaurant) and portraits of staff. These work really well on websites and brochure. See my dedicated Featured section here: Hotel and Venue Photography Gallery.

360 Virtual Tours. Taken on my professional photography equipment and edited and polished in the usual way, I then build you a special interactive tour. How cool is that? You can even view this tour on your phone with special goggles, so it feels like a real Virtual Reality experience. See some samples here: 360 Virtual Tours

Food and Drink photography. As part of my work with hospitality clients, I shoot food and drink on location – for example new menu items for a hotel, beautiful cocktails or afternoon teas. You can see some samples here: Food and Drink Photography Services. I don’t, however, shoot studio style commercial food and drink photography (think cool shot of Coca-Cola bottle exploding in mid-air or Marks and Spencer’s Christmas catalogue….) I leave that to the specialists.

Charity Campaigns and Events. The first ever charities I photographed for were The Children’s Society and Cancer Research UK, where I worked after graduation, as a PA to Directors. I was building my photography business on the side so naturally I did voluntary photography for their various fundraisers to help build my portfolio. When I went full-time as a photographer it was an obvious lead into charity photography and I went on to shoot for Unicef UK, The Big Lottery Fund, The Prince’s Trust and many public services, such as The London Fire Brigade and Lambeth Living.

I still happily shoot for charities now and will offer a preferential rate if I am able to, however, I would say that if you’re working on extremely low budgets, especially for an event that doesn’t bring money back to the organisation, I would advise that you might be better off using newer photographers or even volunteers.

For those times, however, when you have something important that you need to be photographed by an experienced professional – such as a new campaign, awards ceremony, celebrity endorsement or sensitive subject with children (I am great with kids and Unicef UK can attest to that!) definitively give me a call.

You can see samples of Charity Photography and Public Service Photography here: Charity Photography Gallery

Events. Whether it’s an awards ceremony, PR launch, conference, trade show, corporate event or party, I can shoot these for you. I have a special showreel for this type of photography, which you can check out here: Event Photography Gallery. If you need to see more specific examples, just let me know when you enquire.

Portraits. My first photography love was portraiture and I still feel as strongly today as I did then about capturing someone’s portrait, which is a very personal experience and takes great skill and sensitivity.

Whether it’s a creative portrait for a magazine editorial, campaign or small business, a corporate staff photo session or personal branding photography you’re after, these are all service I offer. You can see a few samples on my featured section here: Portrait Gallery. Please ask me to send you more samples if you need to see them and I’ll try and find some projects specific to what you’re looking for to show you.

Corporate and Businesses Photography. Often businesses require a photographer to shoot staff head-shots and events, which I’ve mentioned above and I can offer several options for this, depending on what exactly is required. Other times, businesses want images for marketing purposes, such as Casna Contract Cleaning services, where I worked closely with the Marketing Consultant to shoot images, which subsequently went on their website and brochures: Casna Photography.

I also offer a full production services for commercial clients looking to create something unique. An example of this, is a project I shot for WorldPay, which you can see here: WorldPay Photography. For these projects, alongside a production manager and assistant, I sourced locations, hired models, shot and retouched the images, consulting with the WorldPay marketing team on the concept and message throughout.

Fashion Photography. No, I’m afraid I don’t shoot for Vogue and have yet to work with Kate Moss, or Naomi Campbell, but I do shoot fashion images for independent clients, whether it’s a designer look book, blogger or small fashion business. I also enjoying working on creative projects and if I have time, will undertake a few projects that have smaller budgets. Get in touch with as much detail as possible and we can discuss your ideas. Here are a few fashion shoots for example: Fashion Photography

Photography Lessons. I love to teach people how to use their camera well or take better photos. I am also happy to help businesses and individuals how to shoot for the times they can’t hire a pro. See my Photography Lessons Page here: Photo Training.

Weddings. When I first started, weddings (and Bar Mitzvahs) were my main source of photography work and I went on to shoot over two hundred weddings. I have stopped promoting wedding photography, so I can focus on commercial and creative work. But I still shoot a few a year – usually for people I know (corporate clients get married you know!) and at a few venue’s who recommend me, such as my local, Lauderdale House and one of my favourites, Dyrham Park.

I have a dedicated wedding photography site, which you can visit here: www.flashfields.com. Shooting only a few weddings a year means I actually look forward to them and can give clients my full energy and keep it fresh. Not something I did when I was shooting one every weekend for 5 months at a stretch!

Where do you shoot?

I live in Archway, North London and most of my work is in London. But I also happily travel for work and have even gone as far as Thailand to shoot! So don’t let location put you off.

Where are your prices?

My prices are sitting right here, just get in touch….Seriously though, I don’t publish my prices as every enquiry is different. I do however have dedicated packages for Hospitality, Events and Portraits, so just send me an email with details about what you’re looking for and I’ll send you my info.

However, if you send me a one line email, with no information, just asking for my rate and nothing else, I probably won’t reply. I’m not being difficult, I promise. It’s just that I want to work and communicate with people who are serious about their photography and aren’t just cold calling loads of photographers until they get the lowest prices.

So please pop some information into the enquiry. That’s not to say I’m expecting everyone who enquires to go ahead and book, or I won’t consider lower budgets, it’s just that I can’t help you if I can’t communicate with you and discuss what you’re looking for. If you want dead-cheap, above everything else, well there’s an App for that!

So are you expensive?

Well I guess that’s subjective. I don’t think so. I offer my dedicated skills and over 15 years of experience, as well as top notch equipment and a wealth of advice and information to help you with your shoot. My prices work out somewhere between £150-£250 per hour shooting fee (but this then often includes pre-consultation, planning, post-production and usage). However, I tend to shoot at a minimum half-day, although I offer a mini-package for hospitality & portrait clients and am happy to take on projects where the budget is slightly tighter if I am able.

Clients tell me that the images they’ve received have been well worth the time, costs and effort – see some testimonials here: Happy Clients Words.

What happens if I’ve never organised a photography shoot before?

Well then, you’ve come to the right person. Yes I’m a creative person, but let’s dispel the myth about ‘arty’ people – I’m also highly organised. So I’ve created a whole load of special documents to help clients put together their photo-shoot. Once you book, I can also help you at the planning stage.

For larger shoots, I am happy to come in and meet you and run through a plan. For smaller shoots, if you want the full consultancy service, I’ll simply factor that into the quote.

How do I get the images?

I have a dedicated area for this: Client Gallery. I can set up proofing galleries for commercial clients, galleries for events, with a print service if you wish to order anything and this is also where you would download your high-res files. Galleries can be password protected for your privacy.

Will you send anyone else in your place to shoot?

No, not unless I’ve been hospitalised! When you book me, you are hiring me to shoot for you.

What if your camera fails on a shoot?

That’s why I always bring back-up equipment to every shoot I do, as well as spare batteries, flash guns etc. I am also fully insured.

Do you shoot Video?

No, I prefer to leave that to the experts and I know some great people, so feel free to ask me for their information.

What about Covid?

Ah, the dreaded Pandemic. I am double vaccinated and taking great responsibility as I go about my business, masking on the tube and where places as one to. I also am taking regular LF tests if I suspect I have been exposed to covid or have been feeling sniffy.

For all shoots now, I offer a transferable booking if Government Guidelines close down the event/shoot at no extra charge.

As we head into winter 21/22, I shall be keeping a close eye (as we all are) and taking relevant precautions. For shoots where there may be vulnerable people, I am happy to wear a mask, practise social distancing and take a LT test the night before.

Interested to speak to me directly? Have further questions? Wish to book? Please get in touch….. CONTACT ME