Below is a small selection of some of the venue photography, which I did for BMA House, a great conference, wedding and event venue in Tavistock Square, Central London – near Russell Square and Euston Underground Station.

The Events team wanted to have images of their meeting rooms, which had recently been refurbished. The key for them was to have a wide variety of the different set-ups, available to potential clients, such as theatre style, boardroom, conference etc, so a client booking is able to select the room style and size they want easily, from the photos available, and also get a clear understanding of how it looks with different layouts and lighting. 

This required a lot of hard work from the in-house hospitality team, who were on hand all day to move furniture around, and a solid plan, discussed and arranged beforehand, between my client and I. The day itself therefore ran like a military operation, with a flexible timetable and plan for all involved, so that I was able to photograph one room, whilst the team turned around the next one, continuing with this method all day long. 

Planning the photo shoot to this level of detail, means that the BMA House events team now have a really wide selection of images for all the enquires, helping them bring in more business and attract the right customer as they can clearly show examples of what the customer is looking for and help them visualise their event in the space.

BMA House has a really clear website, showing customers a wide variety of rooms and layouts and I’m pleased to see they used one of my images for the main introduction page:

Even if the customer is looking for a really simple layout or smaller room, having a great ‘hero image’ is always a great way to pique a their interest and encourage them to find out more……

To find out about BMA House’s hospitality services, please visit their website: BMA House