Company Staff Portraits with a Theme

I’ve been shooting the staff head-shots for Casna Group for several years, returning every so often when they need to update their photos for new people. Along side standard LinkedIn style head-shots, we always shoot apple-themed portraits of key staff members.

Yes, that’s right, apple-themed!. I don’t even know exactly how this first got started, but it was connected to the fact that Casna Group is a family run business, with the founding family name for the group – Apel. 

Creating Original Engaging Portraits with Character

It’s great that Casna Group still use the apple as their theme for the company photos, although I must admit it’s becoming harder to come up with new ways to use an apple in a portrait! One of the reasons why they love these photos though and continue the theme, despite it’s challenges, is because they are so positive and happy, which really shows a warmth to the company. It also gets the staff laughing and smiling and in the end, quite often getting really into the photography shoot and joining in the fun.

Over the years we’ve shot over twenty different apple themed portraits and you can see how Casna Group have used them on their website. In order to keep the whole company image professional though, for each person I’ve also taken a professional head-shot, which you can see as you roll over the profiles on their website (scroll down the page): Casna Group Website

Some classic professional head shots:

They also have a collection of the Portrait Photography framed at their office, which is always a great talking voice for visitors.