Sometimes all a client needs is a ‘quick’ head-shot, which is exactly why you call a professional photographer, because you know the best way to do things simple and fast? Get someone who knows what they’re doing!

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the hardest to achieve and this is why I am proud to offer a clean, professional corporate portrait service. I have a great system, where my assistant and I bring a white background to your place of work, set-up deliciously flattering lighting and roll through those shots fast and simple so your staff can get on with their day. 

After the initial investment of the professional photography, you’ll have polished images, which staff can use on Linked In, security passes, website About pages and the many times a professional photo is required in your line of work. No more selfie-pouting photos projected on the introduction slide at a panel discussion (yes that’s you I’m talking about!) – or a photo of you when you had blonde hair. Or, hair, for that matter!

Even I have a professional head-shot on my website, Linked In and social. You want to know who you’re dealing with. You want to know what I look like, so you can recognise me when we actually meet and it’s just nice to see the face behind the person you’ve been chatting with on email, or the telephone, isn’t it? 

So, anyway, you get the idea. Get in touch if you need a professional head-shot for you or your team – I have an info document I can send you to look and explain the different types of photo styles I offer, packages and pricing. 

In the meantime, below you’ll find a set of professional corporate head-shots photographed for a tech company in the city. All shot on white, for a consistent professional look. I estimate these portrait photographs are good for three – five years before they need a refresh. Other coloured backgrounds are available. Info on my fabulous head-shot photography document…..