Digital SLR Photography training for individuals and private groups in North London – Hampstead, Highgate or Archway.

Lots of people love taking photos as a hobby and lots of small business want to use photography for social media updates and other areas where they might not necessarily require, or have the budget for, a professional photographer.

This is about Improving your Photography Skills.

So whilst I don’t promise to train anybody to become a professional – that takes years of dedicated practise – I can share my expertise with you so that you can get really comfortable with your camera, improve your results and have more confidence taking photos in future.

What does the Training Offer?

The main training I offer is a step-by-step get to know your Digital SLR camera session in natural light for hobbyists. The main reason people come to me is that they want to take better photos on their travels and of friends and family. Or they have a small business and want to use their camera better to promote it.

I focus on you moving away from the habit of using your camera on auto-mode and become really comfortable with your camera to get better results.

Photography Lessons Tailored to You.

Before your booking, we will have a pre-consultation on the phone to ascertain your ability and requirement and make sure the lesson is tailored specifically to you.

Things we go through on the photography lesson:

  1. Learning how and when to use Aperture/depth of field properly.
  2. Learning how and when to use Shutter speed properly.
  3. How to adjust your camera to cope with different lighting scenarios.
  4. How to capture moving objects.
  5. When and why to adjust the I.S.O.
  6. A little about white balance.
  7. Making sure your exposure is always right and you know best – not your camera!

Further development on the photo lesson: 

If you wish to go on and take a second lesson, we can then develop onto following (or if you already know the above, this can be your first lesson): 

  1. Framing your pictures well.
  2. Improving your understanding of light.
  3. How to shoot almost anything on Aperture priority.
  4. Engaging with your subjects.
  5. Seeing a great image.
  6. ….and more……..or tell me what you want to focus on (pardon the pun) and I can tailor the lesson to your requirements.


I usually do photography lessons on Hampstead Heath (Gospal Oak entrance) or Waterlow Park (Highgate Hill) – or please suggest a location the fee may be adjusted for travel time/costs. 

GROUPS£300 for a 3hr lesson, (+ comfort/coffee break if you need this) You can bring your colleagues, family or friends – this price is based on 3-4 people ideally and will include some technical teaching, plus practise time with each other, which we then assess in the group.

INDIVIDUALS –  £200 for a 2hr lesson, the lesson is more intensive and ideally it is just you (though you can bring a partner/friend with similar goals or to simply tag along and work with you when I set tasks).

The fee will include a chat on the phone before hand for me to check your ability & what you want to focus on in the lesson and it will be tailored to your requirements.

10% discount on a second lesson, to develop or refresh, booked within 4 weeks. I can set you some ‘tasks’, based on what we’ve learned in lesson 1 and we’ll discuss what you want to learn.

For bulk bookings or different requirements – price on enquiry.

I can also provide a gift voucher for someone to book in a photo lesson with me.

Photography for Social Media and Tips on using your photography effectively on the Instagram Platform

A lot of people, who are new to either business or Instagram (or both), struggle to understand how to use photographs on social media effectively in their line of business and/or how to take the right photos to post.

My training is not about building likes and popularity, (although we will go over that), but about you and your business and how you want to present yourself to the world (i.e potential and current customers) professionally through Instagram.

I will go over your objectives with you and help you with tips and tricks on photography – in most cases using your phone.

I will talk to you on the phone beforehand to gauge your level and understanding and tailor the training to you.

I charge £275 (aprox 2hrs) plus a pre-consultation call and we’ll do the lesson in central London, North London or your home/place of business – depending on where you are based. You are welcome to bring another person to this training and share the costs. After the first 2 people, it’s £25 extra per person.

Digital Photography Training for Your Business.

Whilst I’m sure you recognise the importance of hiring a professional photographer when you need images for your websites, brochures, menus, staff photos and general marketing material, which will be help to promote your business, there are also times when a DIY job is appropriate.

For example:

  • You’re a chef, designer, creator and want to capture your photos for reference, blogging and social media regularly.
  • You want to document events for social media but don’t have a budget to hire a professional for this.
  • You’re a charity and want to take photos for case study purposes, fundraising events or out ‘in the field’.
  • You want to document small meetings for internal use.

So if you’re going to do it yourself, it is best to do it as well as you can.

How Photography Training for Business Works.

I can come to your office or place of work and train you and your staff on using your cameras with ease and confidence. You may prefer to use your phone for photography and so we can also arrange a lesson to incorporate mobile phone photography. 

These lessons are always bespoke and tailored to your specific requirements and this is reflected in the price.

These lessons can include DSLR training, how to use an hybrid office camera more effectively and/or photography for social media, esp Instagram.

I charge £150* per hour, based on a minimum of of two hours and include a pre-consultation call in the price, so I can tailor the training to you.

*Please check the exact price at time of enquiry, adjustments may be made based on the preparation required, travel, number of people and exact time on site.

My Digital Photographer Magazine review – Digital Photographer Magazine

Contact me or call me on 020 7263 2239 with your enquiry.

Client Case Studies & Feedback:

Unicef UK  staff often travel on very tight budgets to areas stricken by poverty, natural disasters or conflict and  need to document what they see in order to bring the message home to raise funds. Whilst a press photographer may attend these trips, they have a certain agenda, which they are shooting for and, of course Unicef don’t always get the images they want or need.

They asked me to come to train their media staff so that they could take better, more powerful pictures to drive the message home.

“Thanks Susannah! That was a good and enjoyable course and a great reminder of how I’d like to get more out of the Unicef trips and take better photos.” Pauline Llorca, Ambassador Relations, Unicef UK.

The staff at The Legatum Institute wanted to be able to take a few pictures at small meetings and events; where they couldn’t justify a fee for a professional photographer – especially since the images would be for internal use only, but they did want to get better results. So I went along to help improve their photography skills at their stunning location in Mayfair.

“Thanks so much a for a wonderfully helpful session yesterday – We will make great use of your wise words often in the near future, and will certainly do the ISO tests in the coming week so we have everything ready for last-minute requests.” Katharine Mineyko, Events Manager.

The FDA regularly used me to shoot their annual conference, update staff head-shots and the occasional high profile event. But they also like to document meetings and small internal conferences where there is no marketing budget; so they asked me to give them some training.

“I just wanted to thank you for the photography course, I found it really helpful and am looking forward to booking the morning with you for more specific training. Thanks also for recommending a camera to us, it’s perfect for what we need.” Kay Hender, Communications, FDA.