For this shoot, Casna Group were putting together a marketing brochure and updating their website, so they wanted a range of images to show the services they offer, with a focus on the luxury end of the market.

One of the shoots was shot on location in a lovely apartment and the other two were at The Corinthia Hotel and The Landmark, which involved a lot of caffeine, as we had to shoot through the night, when the cleaners went about their work without disturbing the guests.

As well as close up detail shots, focusing on some of the antiques and delicate furnishing, I shot wide shots, which showed off the beautiful, grand, room, so Casna Group could present the message that the company specialised in these high-end clients, especially hotels. It was also important to show the staff as they on the job looking smart, professional and with a positive attitude. Let’s just say that at 3am, the smiles on their faces involved a lot of chocolate!

One of the main things I want to share regarding  the photography of this shoot is that, even if the subject is fairly ‘dry’ – let’s face it, contract cleaning is not exactly rock and roll (sorry Casna!), the pictures needn’t be dull or unattractive. By making an effort to set up great shots, and create great images, you’ll capture the attention of your customers, which will help sell your services.