“Susannah’s friendly, warm and professional manner right from the outset made me feel comfortable and confident that I made the right decision and was going to be happy with the final outcome. Our still images and the 360 virtual tour produced have transformed the 1 Wimpole Street website and uplifted our branding to another level. What impressed me the most was the care, patience and attention to detail shown by her during the shoot. It was like our product became her product and every tiny detail needed to be just right. I thoroughly recommend Susannah Fields and look forward to working with her again on our next project.”

I have been commissioned several times by 1 Wimpole Street and Chandos House, to shoot images for their marketing use, as well as cover a couple of events and capture some staff portraits. As well as being used across their entire website, I am pleased to see them using the photos across all their social media platforms as well as on leaflets, posters and banners on their actual site, at events. They also tell me that they use the images in various correspondences when dealing with new enquiries – thus proving the great value behind commissioning a shoot.

Whilst shooting photos for 1 Wimpole Street a few weeks back, I also took time to shoot 360 images as discussed with my client beforehand, and soon the 360 Virtual Tour I created for them will be an addition to their website and conversations with clients they meet offsite (the virtual tour can sit on a tablet and be shown without the need for an internet connection – great if you’re out networking). 

We’re going to add some more areas to it, once they have finished their refurbishment, but this gives the Wimpole Street marketing team a great start for them to show their potential clients the space if they’re unable to visit in person. Have fun taking a look around……..Please pay special attention to The Atrium, which I shot in daylight and after dark, so the viewer can see what the amazing space looks like in both settings. Clever right?

…..and if you want to see the tour in full screen, this separate web link might be easier viewing. You can also see this in Stereoscopic 3D – but you may need to borrow my special goggles to do so….. : 1 Wimpole Street Virtual Tour Pop Out

Talk to me if  you’re interested in having a 360 Virtual Tour of your venue – it will make a great impact on selling your space and prove a worthwhile investment. 1 Wimpole Street have told me they can’t wait to start showing theirs off.

A few things to note about Virtual Tours;

All photos are taken with the same high-resolution professional camera I use for photoshoots (but a different lens and special panoramic equipment makes it different to a regular photo) and edited with the same love and attention I give to all my photos, including removal of any reflections in mirrors – of me or my tripod usually – and blemishes, before stitching and building your tour with your customised logo.

Uploading: Links are sent to you, with instructions for you on how to embed the panorama or tour onto your website, as well as a local file for viewing offline.

Viewing: Virtual tours can be viewed directly on your website and you can keep a local file as well for offline viewing. Potential customers can access them from their desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

The Shoot: The on-site time is quicker than a photoshoot (aprox 10-15 mins per view – so long as the rooms are all clear and ready) but the work comes after in stitching the images and building the tour.  Feel free to ask me any questions….