I’m so excited that London has won the bid to host the Olympics and was equally pleased to get asked to shoot for Coca-Cola UK and Coca-Cola Enterprising on a variety of shoots around this great event. In this case, Coca-Cola UK wanted me to set up studio shots, over several days, at different sites to capture staff making alphabet shapes as part of an internal campaign called Alphabeat.

Set-up to celebrate Coke’s sponsorship of the Olympics, Alphabeat is part of an initiative to get staff engaged and excited about the work around this sponsorship. Happy staff equals higher productivity as we all know.

At each site, I set up my red backdrop and invited members of staff (who had been pre-briefed) to form together and create a letter of the alphabet. Afterwords I think Coca-Cola UK plan to form a variety of word play games and activities piecing all the letters together.

I can honestly say, I could not stop laughing throughout these shoots, we all had so much fun. Luckily there’s no camera shake to see. Pro tip – when shooting something ridiculously silly – bring a tripod with you, so you can giggle as you need without spoiling the photos!