I was asked to shoot the beautiful venue, 28 Portland Place, part of the ITA Venues portfolio, whilst a Christmas party was in full-flow.

They wanted to be able to capture some photos in order market their Christmas packages for 2018.

So it made perfect sense for me to attend an actual event and capture some natural and atmospheric photos. As you can see from the small selection of photos below, I focussed on some of the details, such as food and drink, staff working and setting up before the party and of course showing off how the rooms looked with all the people filling them.

Shooting like this is pretty different from shooting an actual party because you’re shooting for the venue not for the guests, so it’s less about close-ups of groups and attendees and more about the space and the overall action.


If you’re looking to hire this traditional venue for your Christmas party, or any other time of the year, you can view the information on here: 28 Portland Place