Natural Charity Photography Shoot of School Children for Charity Campaign

These photos were set up and photographed around the Unicef UK London office in Farringdon. I worked with some delightful school children who ‘modelled’ for me so I could create this set of charity photos. Despite the really awful situation of child trafficking that Unicef UK are trying to combat and raise awareness and funds for, during shoots like this, the children involved are actually local school children who have a basic understanding (but not full details, obviously) of what the campaign photos are for, and full consent and support from parents and teachers, so the day itself is actually light-hearted and fun.

Photographing for Campaign Photography

For this photography shoot, it was important that photos was taken with space around the child, so that copy could then be placed on the images afterwards, as you can see, from two of the images. It was rather handy that there were some very nice walls around Farringdon, with neutral palettes and texture, which helped the subjects stand out as well so the images are even more impactful. One of the important things.

If you wish to understand more about the campaign or support Unicef UK’s work, please visit the site here: