Worldpay were planning to launch a new all-in-one payment system and needed images to support the marketing of this new product. They required photos to use on an email marketing campaign and their website so the Marketing Manager approached me and explained that prior to this shoot, most of the photos they’d used before came from the American side of the business and they felt they didn’t represent their British customers.

Together we studied the Worldpay global library images and realised they often featured clearly American locations, such as diners and ‘mom & pop shops’ and were very glossy and ‘corporate’, which didn’t fit the British market.

The images we planned to shoot, therefore, needed to have a more down to earth feel, represent modern British people (a mixture of ages, races and fashions) and look as natural as possible so potential buyers could identify with them. To achieve this we used real people to model for us when we were able – actors filled the gaps – and hired real businesses on the high-street for our locations. 

First up was Ally’s Cafe, a place I find right on my door step in Archway, North London. We used the two ladies that own and run the cafe to model for us, playing waiting staff. Then we used actors to play customers. You can see a few of the images  and how they have been used within the Worldpay Business Hub Marketing, below: