London was like Spain the evening that I shot Mia’s Bat Mitzvah Party last weekend, with balmy, dry heat and a wonderful atmosphere in the streets of Piccadilly as Londoners and tourists spilled out of bars and pubs and generally meandered down the street in summer attire. It made shooting at this venue, with huge open doors and soft light spilling over the entrance particularly magical.

Because the weather was so lovely, the kids were all playing outside during the non-formal parts of the evening, so I had great fun setting up some fun photos with the girls, especially my London phone box shot – there’s nothing like an iconic piece of street furniture is there? 

The whole evening was a simple, happy affair, with a family I’ve worked with before, so it was relaxed and, compared to some Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, pretty low key and informal. Hopefully this comes across in the photos – a selection of which you can see below. Certainly the family loved them – received this from mum Jo yesterday: “I’ve just finished looking through the photos in detail and they are wonderful. You really capture the spirit of the evening and we are delighted. Really lovely messages about the photos are coming in from all the family. Lovely memories to cherish, thank you.”



If you’re interested in hosting a party at Villandry St James, or simply dining there, please visit their website for further information: