These week I shot some fresh new photos for The Milestone Hotel, Kensington, who have introduced their brand new personalised chauffeur service with a fleet of beautiful cars and wanted some photographs of the cars and the very dapper chauffeurs, to publicise this.

One of the key shots that The Milestone Hotel also wanted was of the entire staff, shot in front of the hotel. No easy task, when your dealing with just under fifty people, in front of a hotel on a busy road. However, I am delighted to say that the group photo came together perfectly. Once the staff were all placed in their teams, I asked them to stay in their positions so that all their faces were visible. I also begged them to keep as still as possible and smile and not look away or blink too much (demanding, I know!) so that I could capture the shot from across the road. The biggest miracle of all was that as I was waiting for the traffic to quieten and wondering if it ever would; a bus driver, van and car driver all stopped to let me take the shot. The bus driver then tooted and smiled and the other drivers waved and went on their way – just goes to show that it’s not all aggression and negativity on the roads of London. It was a fabulous moment and the photography below shows that it was a big success, as a result.

The hotel also required some afternoon tea photography, with the beautiful Christmas tree on display, in the Park Lounge, as well as photographs of the decorated Stables Bar, which has been sparkled up for the season. The charming bartender Angelo also did some great modelling for my cocktail photographs and patiently prepared the drinks, whilst keeping up a 5 star service for all the customers in the busy bar – who were enjoying watching (and then imbibing) the photo shoot! 

Check out a few of the shots below and visit the hotel website if you want to sample the delicious tea yourself.