Another great shoot for a hotel, this time The Danubius Regents Park, who have the fortunate location of being right next to my favourite London Royal Park. I did end up staying at the hotel, due to an early start on the second shoot day, which not only meant a fabulous dinner at the hotel (the chocolate and hazelnut brownie is to die for), it also meant I got to enjoy a walk through the park in the evening, which felt incredibly indulgent. How lucky are the guests who get to stay here, having Regents Park right on their doorstep during their visit……?

The hotel photography shoot was a mixed one, comprising bedroom photos, (older and more newly refurbished rooms), which will get used on their website and booking sites to help guests choose the room type they want to book. Having good, clear photos of each room type allows the hotel to convey quickly and honestly to customers what they’ll be getting when they book. This is so important in making sure expectation is met and The Danubius Hotel really understand this need for transparency.

Of course, having more creative shots, helps sell the hotel and allow people to buy into the experience they will be getting when they stay there. That’s why we made sure to allow time for some more detailed shots, featuring room service, a romantic set up and showing a customer journey as she checks-in, engages with staff and even does a little shopping!

We also spent some time focusing on the F&B side of the business and I photographed their stunning afternoon tea, some kitchen action shots and portraits of Executive Head Chef, Vivek Wadhawan. 

I also did a few individuals photos of the cakes. Food and beverage photography like this do really well on social media, as does showing the people behind the scenes – as customers can feel more of a connection with the business and buy into it on a more personal level. 

Oh and if you’re wondering why there is a shot of an airline pilot checking in, The Danubius Regents Park is regular host to airline crew, who stay there when stopping over in London. There were a group of cabin crew just waiting for their coach to arrive and watching the shoot with curiosity, so I figured it was a great opportunity to get them involved in the shoot. They were very happy to take part too – I guess it makes a change from flying a plane! 

And a few more photos from the shoot below: 

If you need a place to stay in London, or simply want to sample the delicious food or afternoon tea near Regents Park, please check out the website for further information on booking: Danubius Hotel Regents Park