As part of a recent travel and leisure photography assignment for Haven Holidays, as well as following the standard shot list, which was required for their website and holiday brochures, I was also asked to capture ‘anything else that looks great’! What a fab request from a client – even better request when you realise that the holiday park you have been assigned for your next hospitality photography shoot has a nearby beach! 

So, despite my lack of love for early mornings, I was inspired to capture quite a few sunset shots, after all, how could I not take the opportunity to photograph somewhere as stunning as this beach near the Haven Holiday parks in Caster, Norfolk, below, for example? 

I also captured beach scenes at the other sites, including Hafan Y Mor in North Wales, below, (probably one of my favourite places I’ve been on assignment), Poole in Dorset and Cornwall. Some photographs I did at sunset and some at various times of the day. The main thing I was looking for was a shot that would make someone smile or feel inspired. Perhaps allow them to dream of going there themselves. In the photos I took of the local beaches I was always helping to show potential customers of the holiday park, what there was to see in the local area.

Sometimes hospitality clients are so focused on what they can offer directly – i.e. the rooms or food they serve they forget the main reason people actually visit their resort, which is usually to go exploring and enjoy the local area. 

If you’re looking for a hospitality photographer, don’t forget to consider more than just your best room as the images that you post and share on your website, brochures and social media don’t always have to be just the inside of your hotel or venue. Get in touch if you want to talk more about this  and, in the meantime, enjoy some photos of the beach below. Wish you were here…….