Travel and Leisure Photography that makes you think you’re outside the UK.

When you think of a dreamy location for a holiday, you don’t always consider the UK do you? Yet we have so many gorgeous spots across the United Kingdom that many people don’t even know exist! I was so fortunate to get to see quite a few beautiful British locations, as part of my recent hospitality photography assignment for Haven Holidays and, when captured with the right professional photography equipment, and beautiful natural light, some of those locations really do look as good as holiday destination abroad.

Holiday Park Photography that has the wow factor.

It’s not always easy to get holiday destination photographs that stand out though, even when the places are rather lovely. To help clients get great visual content for their digital marketing strategy, they need great pictures and with time, and creativity, interesting and more creative photographs can be captured.

For these holiday park photographs, which feature caravans, lodges and overviews of the park, I studied the weather and light and planned where to photograph at optimal times to capture the best landscape and architectural photographs for the client.

I hope you like the results?