Charity Photography Event

I was asked to photograph this conference by the charity Ageing Better in Birmingham, which was being held at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens, a delightful location on the outskirts of Birmingham city centre. As often with charity photography assignments like this, the key is to document the event as it happens naturally, but also to make sure everyone has still been captured well and that the angles and positions I shoot from are the most attractive possible. So when it comes to using the images in the post-conference media, pr and marketing materials, the conference photography is of a high quality and can help tell the story of the event and the great work that the charity is carrying out. 

Photographing the venue and the people 

Because the organisers of the conference selected such a lovely venue, which really added to the positive atmosphere of the event, it was really important to photograph some of outside green spaces. I was also asked to capture the people at the conference interacting with each other and participating in the day, so the photos could be used to illustrate articles and features about the event.