Photographing small independent creative business owners 

I love working with others who run their own creative businesses and I understand why they want to commission a personal branding photography shoot and how to help them achieve what they want from this. Being a small independent business owner myself, I also understand the challenges and joys they face on a daily bases of running their business, which helps us to bond and create really relaxed photos. 

Louise Varberg Photographed by Susannah Fields ©2021

Photography of Jewellery Designer

So I was delighted when Louise Varberg, who founded and runs Louise Varberg Jewellery, specialising in modern and minimalist pieces, got in touch to book a photo session.

Louise photographed in her home by Susannah Fields ©2021

A Little Bit About Louise Varberg

Louise has always loved designing jewellery, but it wasn’t until her kids got a little older that she was able to turn her passion into her business. Louise’s pieces, which she individually designs herself, are influenced by her Scandinavian heritage and evoke sophistication and femininity. She loves to pick out the stones and metals and, judging not only by the jewels themselves, but also her home decor and fashion style, she really has a creative eye and impeccable taste.

Jewellery Photography Close-Up by Susannah Fields Photography ©2021
Close-Up Shot of Louise and her Jewellery by Susannah Fields ©2021

Louise’s reasons for booking a photography shoot

Louise is passionate about her business, but also supporting and working with others in her community. Living in St.John’s Wood, she enjoys the local shops, other independent businesses, some of whom have become close friends and wanted to work, therefore, with a local North London photographer as well.

The main reasons for getting some lifestyle photography of herself was to use on social media and promotion of her as the personality behind the brand. Louise was keen to show off the local area, where she often finds inspiration, as well as some more personal photos that gave an indication of who she is a person and a ‘peep’ into her world, which we know always helps customers feel bonded to the brand a little more. The age old saying of people buy people still stands very true.

Louise and her gorgeous fur family photographed by Susannah Fields ©2021
Louise relaxing at home with her beloved dog, photographed by Susannah Fields ©2021

Street Photography of Louise

Louise and I headed into the local area to do some street shots around St.John’s Wood, to create some natural photos, which showed her interacting within her neighbourhood.

It was really important to Louise that the photos were not too posy and false and that I was able to help her relax in front of the camera. She fed back to me that she really enjoyed the shoot and was pleased with the results overall, which is great to hear.

Louise Photographed at the Dansk Florist in St.John’s Wood by Susannah Fields ©2021
Louise photographed at Laurents Cafe & Grocery St.John’s Wood by Susannah Fields ©2021
Louise enjoying a fab ice-cream from Unico, St.John’s Wood. Photo by Susannah Fields ©2021

Using Photography on Social Media

Since our shoot, Louise has used a number of her photos on her social media account. You can follow her on Instagram @Louise.varberg and find out more about her beautiful jewellery on her website:

My personal favourite portrait photo from the shoot is this one……..after Louise bought the ice-cream from Unico, I spotted a wall that exactly matched her trousers, which are by Vaai London and the mango ice-cream. How’s that for serendipity?

Photograph of Louise Varberg in St.John’s Wood by Susannah Fields ©2021