Dance Lesson By Nikki Santilli

I had the pleasure of popping by Camden Studios last week to capture the delightful Nikki Santilli teaching Jazz legend Ray Gelato some dance steps, to accompany his wonderful tunes. It’s fun to shoot dance photos and the key is to capture the very moment they do those steps correctly. 

Natural Talent?

As you can see Ray picked up the steps pretty quickly! I believe that’s a combination of Nikki’s great teaching and Ray’s natural talent. You can pay me later guys….. 😉

Natural Candid Photos

As I was there in the studio, I couldn’t resist taking out my portrait lens and capturing a few shots of Ray and Nikki naturally as they watched, chatted etc. I love candid photography like this as you can really capture some spontaneous moments. 




Portrait Photography

And, of course, I have to grab some lovely portraits of Ray too. He’s incredibly warm and friendly and after getting him to go into his ‘stage’ character a little, I was able to grab these fab shots of him quickly using the natural light pouring through the studio windows. 




Promotional Photo

Before Ray had to dash off, I couldn’t resist setting up a quick shot that would be a fun promotional style photo. Nikki suggested this dance move and they both played up to the camera, being a little bit silly and light-hearted and the result was this fabulous photo that could grace any promotional poster with pride! 


Photos were taken at Academy Mews Dance Studios.

If you want to see the fabulous Ray Gelato play or check out his music online, you can visit his website:

To check out some of Nikki’s fabulous events or book her for some dance tuition, you can visit her site: